Nimble Word Mod: Detailed Character Sheet v1.0



This is my first mod/script for Nimble Writer. Honestly, I’ve always been very particular to how I want to set up my own character sheets – also, this gives me a much easier chance to give my characters a theme song.

This also marks the first time I’ve used JSON, so yay, that’s exciting! However, it reminds me of C++ a bit (which is pretty much the only other language I’m familiar with outside HTML and what little PHP I do know). Anyway, here’s what you can edit in the design sheet:

Name, age, gender, race*, theme song**, likes, dislikes, personality, appearance, attire, & biography.

* I left the race defaulted to “witch” to also allow the user to change their race. They don’t have to be a “human” or “witch”. If there’s enough of a demand for it, I’ll include an ethnicity but as it is, it’s simplistic enough for use.

** Theme song is completely optional. It gives your character a taste of their own individuality.

For everything after the theme song, I left an incredible amount of space so you can be as detailed (or not) as you want, especially if they use multiple outfits within your story.

For manual installation, after Nimble Writer is closed, just copy and drag the files into the NoteModels folder in your Nimble Writer folder.