Welcome to Cosmic Pink, a blog where I pretty much post my web-novels weekly since I have nothing else to do on a Sunday This blog is opened on April 15, 2017. This blog was named after a song and EP by the J-Electronica artist immi (“Cosmic Pink” by immi – go listen!).

I’m Lily but I’m more commonly known as Basic Baka. I love writing stories and I’ve always been interested in writing stories and publishing them. This blog is, really, to attract new readers to my writing and hopefully become successful as I go along. Writing has always been my dream and I really would like to make my dream come true.

On the side, I also know how to program a little thing or two. I don’t consider myself very good programmer, but hey, if I help someone, that’s great!

Currently, I’m using Twine to help plot my stories and Nimble Writer (received this as a gift from my very close friend, Reine) as my primary writing tools.


Here are sites you’ll find my stories at. Feel free to subscribe! Feel free to share! Feel free, feel free! I love making friends and making connections more than anything! Who knows – maybe we can make a collaboration!

Twitter | Tumblr | Toyhouse | YouTube

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If you wish to contact me for any reasons, please fill this out and I will get to you as soon as possible! However, if you need something more immediate, please shoot me a message on Twitter!